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Jind Earthquake Swarm, 2003


23 December 2003 (largest)


SE of Jind, Haryana


20:19:08 UTC (01:49:08 IST)


29.235 N (IMD)


76.401 E (IMD)


4.6 kms (IMD)


ML 3.5 (IMD)

Additional Info

Map Disclaimer

A series of minor tremors were felt in central Haryana, in the town of Jind and the surrounding villages from early November 2003 into early 2004. This sequence was punctuated by a ML=3.5 event on 23 December 2003, which has been the largest recorded event since the onset of the swarm. This, along with an event on 14 January 2004 are the only two events which are believed to have caused damage in the form of cracks and fallen plaster, the effects from the former being greater. Most of the events have been shallow with hypocentral depths ranging from 4-5 kilometres and the epicentres appear to be clustered to the south-east of the town. Townsfolk have heard loud explosion-like noises which they compared to the sound of Diwali crackers and this is suggestive of shallow focal depths as well. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) deployed a temporary seismic network in the region to monitor the swarm after being informed of the situation by the District Commissioner of Jind in late November 2003.

The largest event (ML=3.5) was centred 5.4 kilometres ESE of Kinana (Haryana), India,
10.9 kilometres SE of Jind (Haryana), India,
11.4 kilometres NW of Lajwana Kalan (Haryana), India,
29.8 kilometres WSW of Safidon (Haryana), India,
42.3 kilometres NNW of Rohtak (Haryana), India,
67.8 kilometres E of Hisar (Haryana), India,
102 kilometres NW of Connaught Place, Delhi (NCR), India,
171 kilometres S of Chandigarh (UT), India.

isted below are events that were felt or recorded since the onset of this swarm in early November 2003 along with brief reports of the felt effects of the tremors.

14 January 2004 - M 2.3 Jind
Felt in Jind town at 03:08 AM IST on 14 January 2003. Residents were woken up by the tremor and went outdoors in panic. Many stayed outdoors for several hours following the initial tremor. Cracks developed in buildings at Jawahar Colony near Patiala Chowk, Gupta Colony and the Aprahi locality. A cracks is also believed to have developed in a tube well located behind the Kundan Cinema. Two smaller tremors were also felt at 07:01 AM IST and 10:16 AM IST. The first was a magnitude 2.2 and the second was a magnitude 1.9.

28 December 2003 - M 2.2 Jind
Felt in Jind town and in the neighbouring villages including Ahirka, Dalamwala, Jajwani, Julani, Pandu Pindara and Samiparvati. The tremor was felt at 14:11 AM IST.

23 December 2003 - M 3.5 Jind
The event on 23 December 2003 at 01:49 IST was the strongest event and was felt throughout Jind district as well as in the adjoining districts of Hisar and Kaithal. This earthquake was centred 12 kms SE of Jind (Haryana), India. The tremors caused slight damage in the town of Jind. Many buildings developed cracks and old cracks were widened. People were woken up by the tremor and ran outdoors. A fissure also developed in the earth at Durga Colony on Rohtak Road in Jind. In the village of Lakhmirwala, a well collapsed in the quake and was completely blocked by debris. The quake was also felt in the adjoining towns and villages of Ahirka, Amarhedi, Aasun, Bahabalpur, Barah Khurd, Buda Kheda, Dhigana, Gatauli, Jalalpur Kala, Jhanj, Julana, Khatkada, Kharkamaji, Lohchab, Manoharpur, Nandgadh, Narwana, Nidana, Nidani, Nijarn, Padana, Pillu Kheda, Pindara, Pokhri Kheri, Radhana, Rajpura, Ramgadh, Ramrai, Sindhwikheda, Shamlo Kala and Uchana. Shaking was felt at a few locations in the neighbouring districts of Hisar and Kaithal. In Hisar district, tremors were experienced at Narnaud, where windows and doors were heard rattling prompting people to go outdoors. Similar reports also came in from Rajaud and Beerbangda in Kaithal district and at Serdha one resident heard the shutter of his shop rattling. Another tremor was felt a 5:47 AM IST and it had a magnitude of 2.6.

10 December 2003 - Jind
Felt in Jind town at 03:35 AM IST. Another stronger event was felt at 07:40 AM IST.

30-31 November 2003 - Jind
Several small tremors felt on the evening of 30 November and continued into the early hours of 31 November. The first shock was felt at 20:22 PM IST and is believed to have been the strongest felt since the onset of the swarm. Two more events were felt at 21:36 PM IST and 21:38 PM IST. In the early hours of 31 November, two events were felt, one at 01:30 AM IST and 03:45 AM IST. Many people spent the night outdoors in fear in many parts of Jind town including the Housing Board Colony and also in the adjoining rural areas.

28 November 2003 - Jind
Felt strongly in Jind town at 02:10 AM IST. Windows
and doors rattled under the impact of the quake and beds were felt shaking. People were woken up and many ran outdoors in panic. A smaller tremor was experienced a few hours later at 05:20 AM IST.

23 November 2003 - Jind
Felt in Jind town at 03:50 AM IST.

21 November 2003 - Jind
Felt in Jind town at 02:20 AM IST. Felt widely in the town at Urban State, Shiv Colony, Housing Board Colony and in the bus stand area. Many people were woken up and came outdoors in these areas. People claim to have felt vibrations for nearly five minutes. Two more tremors were felt later on at 21:22 PM IST and 22:45 PM IST.

19 November 2003 - Jind
Felt in Jind town at 21:25 AM IST.

18 November 2003 - Jind
Felt in Jind town at 01:30 AM IST. This event woke up the townsfolk and a few went outdoors.

16 November 2003 - Jind
Two events felt in Jind town, the first at 22:30 PM IST and another at 23:45 PM IST.

14 November 2003 - Jind
Three tremors were felt in Jind town. The first struck at 20:55 PM IST. The second occurred at 22:20 PM IST and was followed quickly at 22:55 PM IST by yet another mild shock.

12 November 2003 - Jind
Two events felt in Jind town, the first at 05:50 AM IST and another at 06:50 AM IST.

11 November 2003 - Jind
Two events felt in Jind town, the first at 06:50 AM IST and another at 06:58 AM IST. Kitchen utensils were heard rattling along with window panes. Peopl
e ran outdoors in panic.

2 November 2003 - Jind
First event felt at 05:30 AM IST and followed by another event five minutes later. Residents panicked when they heard windows, doors and utensils rattling

01) India Meteorological Department (IMD), Delhi.
02) Macroseismic information has been compiled by the ASC from reports by local media and local NGO personnel.

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