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About the ASC

About the Amateur Seismic Centre (ASC)


The Amateur Seismic Centre (ASC or www.asc-india.org) is an independent website currently based in Pune, India that was founded in June 2000 by Stacey S. Martin. The website was created with the aim of providing users in India and overseas, information on earthquakes in the sub-continent. Although the ASC does not instrumentally record seismic activity, it keeps track of regional seismicity and distributes this information through its website. All the information on this website has been acquired from reliable sources such as published research articles in Indian and international scientific journals and from well-known research & media organizations in India & south Asia.

Appropriate Citation / Reference
Information displayed on the ASC website may be used in further written work, either in print or electronic, provided the appropriate references are given either to the referenced author(s) for published work or to the ASC for information published on this website as shown below in "1" & "2". For usage of material on this website by the media please see "3".

1) For data retrieved from the ASC web site (all data):
'Amateur Seismic Centre, http://www.asc-india.org/, Pune, India (last accessed)'.

2) For data retrieved from the ASC-N Mailing list service (event bulletins):
'Amateur Seismic Centre, ASC-N, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/asc-n, Pune, India (last accessed.

3) Print & electronic media only! In this instance, a link must be provided alongside the information that has been reproduced from this website. Eg. "Source: www.asc-india.org".

Acknowledgements & Credits
Although the
Amateur Seismic Centre (ASC) has been run & maintained by myself since its conception in June 2000, a few people have helped keep it informative and regularly updated. I greatly appreciate their timely comments & criticisms and helpful suggestions. First and foremost, my family and friends, without whose constant encouragement & support, this website would have never have seen the light of day. I appreciate advice, guidance and constructive criticism from many quarters especially from Roger Bilham. The ASC formerly ran from Geocities and became a '.org' thanks to Bharat & Kishore Tarachandani from Dots & Coms in Vadodara, a full year after initiating services.

Maps on this website were
created using the freely available UNIX-based, Generic Mapping Tool software, developed by P. Wessel and W.H.F. Smith [Ref: Wessel, P., and Smith, W.H.F., “Free software helps map and display data”, EOS, Vol.72, 1991]. The banner on top of all the pages on this website was also creating using this software and shows historical earthquakes in the Narmada Rift, stretching from the Gulf of Khambat in the west to the jungles of central India in the east.

My final thanks goes
to all those who have provided tiny tidbits of information in the form of felt reports, photographs, personal accounts, as well as access to archives which have helped immensely to shed light on some important historic & recent earthquakes.

Stacey S. Martin
 Founder & Webmaster

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