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Information Updated on 10 November 2010

Nanded Earthquake Swarm, 2010


24 October 2010


Nanded area, Maharashtra


(multiple events)


(multiple events)


(multiple events)


(multiple events)


(multiple events)

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A series of minor tremors were felt in south-central Maharashtra, in the town of Nanded (population 4,30,733) on 24 October 2010 and continued until the end of the month. Local residents said as many as twenty events were felt with or without loud explosive sounds beginning around 3 AM on 24 October 2010. No damage has been reported from this sequence. In 2007-2008 the same town was struck by a prolonged sequence of tremors that caused minor damage and widespread anxiety.

If you have felt any of these tremors please fill out this questionnaire. Please make sure you mention the TIME & DATE when you felt these tremors. For information on earthquake precautions & safety measures please see the Be Earthquake Safe! section on this website.

Earthquakes swarms can be defined as a series of earthquakes in the same magnitude range that are closely spaced in time and originating in the same region but devoid of a mainshock (principal large event). They can last from as little as a few hours to as long as several months (eg. Matsushiro, Japan, 1965-1966). Swarms can be precursory or non-precursory but establishing either is only feasible in hindsight. Earthquake swarms have occurred in other parts of India including Jind (Haryana) in 2003 and Bhavnagar (Gujarat) in 2000.
In Nanded, a previous swarm occurred in 2007 and continued into 2008 causing some damage as well as widespread panic. The exact cause of the subterranean sounds is not clear. It is a possibility that they are similar to Brontides or "Barisal Guns" often heard in Bengal. Such occurrences have been reported from other parts of Maharashtra in the last decade, eg. Bansur in 1996.

24 October 2010
On this date, felt reports sent in to the the ASC report the occurrence of tremors from 3 AM IST, with as many as twenty occurring until 6 AM Ist. Media reports say these were felt intermittently until the afternoon of the same day.

Strong shocks were widely felt in Nanded at 4:53 AM, 5:20 AM, 5:28 AM and 5:49 AM. The event at 4:53 AM was felt with an intensity of EMS 4 in Viveknagar shaking people awake and causing hanging objects to swing. The event at 5:20 AM was felt at EMS 5 at the Kapus Sanshodhan Kendra (cotton factory) as well as at Shri Nagar and Viveknagar. In Viveknagar, this was felt very strongly for for 7-8 seconds, shaking furniture and frightening animals indoors. In Snehnagar, people were woken up by this tremor that moved light furniture, frightened animals outdoors, shook hanging objects and formed hairline cracks in walls. The 5:28 AM event rattled windows and knocked kitchen utensils off shelves in a few instances. At 6:24 AM a mild tremor was felt by a few people in Viveknagar for two seconds that made some people dizzy. At 6:48 AM, another strong tremor was felt in many parts of Nanded. In the Viveknagar area it was felt by everyone, animals were frightened, furniture was shaken and hanging objects were shaken considerably. In the Shri Nagar area, it was felt by all. Hairline cracks formed in some buildings, furniture was shaken and animals outdoors were frightened.

According to local officials, the tremors were felt in most part of Nanded including at Anandnagar, Arvindnagar, Ashoknagar, Bhagyanagar, Kushininagar, Lalwad, Lumbininagar, Mahavir Society, Mantrinagar, Narayannagar, Nizam Colony, Parasnagar, Police Colony, Prabhatnagar, Sai Colony, Sarpanchnagar, Shravastinagar, Shri Nagar, Snehnagar, Taroda, Vamannagar, Viveknagar, Wazirabad. Apart from the event outlined above tremors were also reported at 05:05, 05:08, 05:35, 06:31, 06:39, 06:51, 06:57, 10:14, 10:16, 10:17, 12:34, 12:39, 13:04, 13:15 and 13:19. Several people in the Prabhatnagar, Shri Nagar and Viveknagar areas are believed to have left those areas for a few days.

25 October 2010
On this date, felt reports sent in to the the ASC report the occurrence of tremors that were felt in Anand Nagar around 5:15 AM that visibly shook furniture and was felt by many people.

26 October 2010
On this date, felt reports sent in to the the ASC report the occurrence of tremors that were felt in Vivek Nagar around 00:04 AM that was felt by many people.

27 October 2010
On this date, felt reports sent in to the the ASC report the occurrence of tremors that were felt in the Mahavir Society area of Nanded at 19:15 and 20:15 along with three loud sounds.

India Meteorological Department (IMD), Delhi.
02) Macroseismic information has been compiled by the ASC from reports by local media and local NGO personnel.

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