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M7.3 Off Teressa Island, 2005


24 July 2005


SSW of Kalara, Teressa Isl


15:42:05 UTC (21:12:05 IST)  


07.926 N (NEIC)


92.146 E (NEIC)


16.0 kms (NEIC)


Mw 7.3 (HRV), 7.2 (NEIC).

Additional Info

Map Disclaimer

A major earthquake struck the Nicobar Islands near Teressa Island, on 24 July 2005 at 21:12 PM local time. It was felt in many parts of the Andaman & Nicobar Archipelago and in parts of peninsula India. It had a magnitude of Mw=7.3 and did not result in a tsunami in the Bay of Bengal.

The earthquake was centred 115 kms SSW of Kalara (Teressa Island), India,
130 kms W of West Bay (Katchal Island), India,
152 kms SW of Kakana (Car Nicobar Island), India,
180 kms NW of Heya (Pilo Milo Island), India,
221 kms NW of Campbell Bay (Great Nicobar Island), India,
442 kms SSW of Port Blair (South Andaman Island), India,
1425 kms E of Chennai (Tamil Nadu), India.

This earthquake is one of the strongest to occur in the Andaman & Nicobar archipelago since 1900. Tremors from the earthquake were felt throughout the archipelago and some buildings sustained minor damage. There were no reports of casualties.

The earthquake was strongest on Car Nicobar, Katchal and Nancowry Islands where it was felt by everyone and people gathered outdoors in open areas awaiting aftershocks. Tremors were also felt at Campbell Bay on Great Nicobar Island and at Port Blair on South Andaman Island; at Rangat on Middle Andaman Island. Residents of Indonesia's Aceh province were woken up by the earthquake and many ran outdoors but no damage was reported.

On mainland India, tremors were experienced at a few places in the southern and eastern states. At Chennai, Tamil Nadu where the shock was felt for as long as 5-minutes, many people ran outdoors in panic and gathered in open spaces. In the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh, the tremors were felt at Machilipatnam, Srikakulam, Vishakhapatnam and Vizianagaram causing panic. Felt Ramanniguda in Orissa and at Dum Dum & Garia in Kolkata, West Bengal. Mild tremors were also felt by a few persons in high-rise buildings in Bengalooru, Karnataka. The earthquake was felt at Colombo, Matale and Kandy in Sri Lanka, at Phuket in Thailand and as far as Male in the Maldives.

A tsunami warning was issued by officials in Thailand but was withdrawn a few hours later. No warnings were issued by either India or Sri Lanka due to the size of the earthquake. Indian TV news stations reported a rise in sea level at Port Blair but these were not confirmed by government officials. Given the location and nature of faulting of this earthquake the chances of a tsunami were low.

01) National Earthquake Information Centre (NEIC), Golden, USA.
Harvard Centroid Moment Tensor Solution (HRV), Harvard, USA.
04) Macroseismic information has been compiled by the ASC from reports by local media and local NGO personnel.

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