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M5.0 Koyna-Warna Earthquake, 2000


12 March 2000


ESE of Pachamba, Maharashtra


18:03:52 UTC (23:33:52 IST)


17.244 (ISC)


73.707 E (ISC)


5.0 kms (ISC)


Mw 5.0 (HRV); ML 5.3 (IMD)

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A moderate earthquake struck the Koyna region in Maharashtra, India, on 12 March 2000 at 23:33 PM local time resulting in some damage to property in the Koyna-Warna region of Maharashtra. It had a magnitude of Mw=5.0 and was felt for close to 28-seconds in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa.

The earthquake was centred 6.9 kilometres ESE of Pachamba (Maharashtra), India,
18.8 kilometres SSW of Koynanagar (Maharashtra), India,
38 kilometres SE of Chiplun (Maharashtra), India,
50.8 kilometres W of Karad (Maharashtra), India,
53.3 kilometres NE of Ratnagiri (Maharashtra), India,

81.8 kilometres NW of Kolhapur (Maharashtra), India,
143 kilometres SSW of Sangam, Pune (Maharashtra), India,
225 kilometres SSE of Santa Cruz Airport, Mumbai (Maharashtra), India.

Damage from the quake was limited to cracks in buildings within the epicentral region in the Chandoli-Koyna region of Maharashtra. Two houses, not built to withstand earthquakes sustained damage in Kasani village and other houses developed cracks. Cracks in houses were also reported from Dhebewadi (Shirala tehsil).

Strong tremors were felt at Karad, Kolhapur, Patan, Ratnagiri and Sangli. Windows and doors rattled and many people ran outdoors. Slight to moderate tremors were felt in Pune for about 5-seconds. Some people awoke and kitchen utensils were heard rattling. In the Camp area, a distinct south-to-north "rolling" motion was felt by one observer. Another person on the Sassoon Road (Wadia College area) felt the bed shaking and heard kitchen utensils rattling. The quake was felt by many people in Bibewadi, Erandwane and Karvenagar areas of Pune. A few people even went outdoors after experiencing the tremor. In the Mumbai area it was felt for about 10-seconds. At Dadar, birds were reported to have been disturbed by the quake. Slight tremors were also felt at Nashik and Thane in Maharashtra and at Belagaavi in Karnataka. It was also felt in Goa.

Rail services on the Konkan Railway were temporarily halted while checks were carried out on bridges, tracks and tunnels. The Netrawati Express (6636 Down) and the Sawantwadi-Diva (KR-6) were detained at Ratnagiri for a few hours due to these safety checks.

Harvard Centroid Moment Tensor Solution (HRV), Harvard, USA.
02) International Seismological Centre (ISC), Berkshire.
India Meteorological Department (IMD), Delhi.
04) Macroseismic information has been compiled by the ASC from reports by local media and local NGO personnel.

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