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M4.2 Dhaka Earthquake, 2001


19 December 2001


SE of Kamarkanda, Dhaka


07:54:13 UTC (13:54:13 BST)


23.640 N (ISC)


90.293 E (ISC)


60.2 kms (ISC)


Mw 4.2 (IMD); Mb 4.2 (ISC)

Additional Info

Map Disclaimer

A light earthquake struck the city of Dhaka and the surrounding areas, on 19 December 2001 at 13:54 PM local time resulting in several injuries in the Dhaka area. It had a magnitude of Mw=4.2 and was felt for nearly 21-seconds.

The earthquake was centred 1.5 kilometres SE of Kamarkanda (Dhaka), Bangladesh,
13.7 kilometres SW of Dhaka (Dhaka), Bangladesh,
21 kilometres WNW of Narayanganj (Dhaka), Bangladesh,
45.2 kilometres E of Faridpur (Khulna), Bangladesh,
78.4 kilometres SE of Tangail (Dhaka), Bangladesh,
101 kilometres W of Agartala (Tripura), India,
116 kilometres NE of Khulna (Khulna), Bangladesh,
214 kilometres NW of Chittagong (Chittagong), Bangladesh.

100 prison inmates were hurt in a stampede at the Dhaka Central Jail on Nazimuddin Road. 41 of the injured were discharged after first aid while 25 others were hospitalized. The incident took place when prisoners rushed to exit the building during the earthquake and crowded at a narrow staircase. This led to the collapse of the banister and 10 persons fell from the first floor of the three storey building. The rest were injured in the ensuing stampede. Initial reports suggested a roof collapse at this prison in which 5 people lost their lives but this was later proven incorrect.

This earthquake was strongly felt in the Dhaka area, sending many running out of their homes and offices in panic. UNDP employees came out of the 20-storey IDB building at Agargaon and spent an hour on the Rokeya Sarani awaiting aftershocks. A similar situation unfolded in the Motijheel Commercial area, with many people coming out of their offices. The duration of the earthquake in Dhaka city was 21 seconds. Some buildings in the old part of the city were damaged. The earthquake was felt at Narayanganj where people rushed outdoors while some blew conch shells and began praying in temples. Tremors were reported from nearly all parts of Bangladesh. It was felt at Chittagong, Comilla, Gazipur, Laxmipur, Munshiganj, Rajshahi and Rangpur. The shock lasted 5-seconds at Rangpur, and was noticed by just a few at Chittagong.

01) International Seismological Centre (ISC), Berkshire.
02) India Meteorological Department (IMD), Delhi.
Harvard Centroid Moment Tensor Solution (HRV), Harvard, USA.
Macroseismic information has been compiled by the ASC from reports by local media and local NGO personnel.

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