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Felt An Earthquake?

You can help provide information about the extent of shaking and damage for earthquakes in South Asia by filling out the questionnaire.  This can provide specific details about how your area may respond to future earthquakes. Even if you did not feel the earthquake, but were in the general region of the epicentre, please respond! It is vital to know over which areas the earthquake was felt AND not felt. Your input will be used to draw Historical Intensity Maps and/or Felt Report Maps (see below). The information you enter in this form, may be used to provide qualitative, quantitative, or graphical descriptions of damage on this website or in collaborative publications. If you would object to this possible usage of your data, please do not fill out this form. Finally, please consider filling out a questionnaire for other historic events that occurred in your region. Do try and answer as many questions as possible. So? Did you feel it?

To send in your report, please select the country where you felt the earthquake
Afghanistan  |  Bangladesh  |  Bhutan  |  India  |  Maldives
Myanmar  |  Nepal  |  Pakistan  |  Sri Lanka  |  Other

Felt Earthquake Maps
Reports sent in since 2000, were processed and intensities were assigned based on the criteria laid down by the European Macroseismic Scale (1998). These results have been displayed on the maps below. New maps will be added when there is a widely felt event. Please fill out the questionnaire for other historic earthquakes that you might have felt, even though they are not listed here.











01 January 2012

4.7 23.442 91.805

Southern Tripura

4 2

Archive of Felt Earthquake Maps "Felt" earthquakes in previous years


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